Digital Transformation in Automotive: Adoption of Digital Twins

Posted February 23, 2021 | Industry | Leadership | Technology | Amplify
automotive digital twin
Madison White explores how digital transformation in the transportation industry is being combined with automotive digital twins to produce the next generation of autonomous vehicles. She looks at the challenges facing production-scale deployment of digital twins, including digital twin accuracy, connec­tivity, data accuracy, interoperability/standardization, and trust/security. She concludes with the cost benefits of developing a vehicle using digital twins, including predicting maintenance, and thus lowering cost of ownership during the lifetime of a vehicle, and cleaner air.
About The Author
Madison White
Madison White is Senior Manager, Product and Solution Strategy, at Ricardo, Inc. She has a broad range of experience in the definition and execution of effective technology, product management, and marketing strategies and launching high-quality software solutions for both safety and noncritical systems. As a member of Ricardo North America’s Technology and Strategy team, Ms. White drives strategy software solutions for connected, automated, and… Read More
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