Executive Update

Digital Transformation & Design Thinking, Part II: A Closer Look at the Method

Posted April 29, 2019 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies

In this Executive Update, we take a closer look at the design thinking method and delve into the actual design framework that companies are adopting to advance their ability to digitally transform. We explore the principles of inspiration, ideation, and implementation, along with the benefits of a design mindset. We also break down some myths that have plagued design thinking in the past. 

About The Author
Biren Mehta
Biren Mehta is a business advisor, with experience in consulting, operations, and entrepreneurship. He is cofounder of Bombay Innovation Group, a boutique consulting firm, where he implemented innovative and strategic solutions relating to consumer experiences, operational efficiencies, and systems design. Mr. Mehta has expertise in devising a holistic approach to solving business concerns by amalgamating both systems and design thinking in… Read More
Gustav Toppenberg
Gustav Normark Toppenberg is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium and a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network. He is an enterprise transformation executive with 20+ years' experience. Mr. Toppenberg's background includes building and leading transformational efforts for both small and global companies with a focus on business, data, and digital domains. His professional experience includes executive roles in enterprise… Read More
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