Digital Transformation: Unlocking the Future — An Introduction

Posted December 23, 2015 in Cutter Business Technology Journal

With this issue of Cutter IT Journal, we aim to bring more perspective to the question of how to digitally transform. All the contributing authors agree that digital transformation will be profoundly complex, but this complexity does not prevent them from bringing useful perspectives to the table and suggesting approaches for how to frame and launch transformation. This issue does not glorify startups, big-bang disruption, or Silicon Valley; it does, however, investigate what lessons incumbents can take from digital natives. It also broadens the scope to include historical framing of the challenge, as well as the authors' rich experience and expertise in working with incumbent organizations.

About The Author
Stijn Viaene
Stijn Viaene is Fellow with Cutter Consortium's Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies practice. He is Professor and Partner at Vlerick Business School in Belgium, where he heads the Information Systems Management cluster. He is also a Professor in the Department Decision Sciences and Information Management at KU Leuven. At the university he holds the VDAB Chair of "Digital business innovation in public services". He has… Read More
Lieselot Danneels
Lieselot Danneels is a PhD candidate at Vlerick Business School and KU Leuven. She is passionate about digital business innovation and organizational transformation. Ms. Danneels is a researcher for Professor Stijn Viaene working for the VDAB Chair of Digital Business Innovation of Public Services. Previously, she worked as a systems and process analyst at PwC.
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