The 21st-Century Architect

Posted April 13, 2016 in Business & Enterprise Architecture

One of the forces that holds enterprise architecture (EA) back from successful management of rapid change is a perspective from earlier days of the profession. A long-standing school of thought holds that architectural work at the enterprise level is best accomplished by a formal and comprehensive architectural project, which may — one hopes — be revisited periodically. However, the practice of pure “architecture projects” is antithetical to the current rapid pace of disruptive change. Architecture work measured in months and years is a relic of bygone times. What our current situation really needs is for EA to be performed by a continuous and situationally nimble process.

About The Author
Doug McDavid
Doug McDavid is Senior Consultant with Cutter's Business & Enterprise Architecture practice. He is an experienced and innovative enterprise architect who provides consulting, mentoring, and coaching services for business owners and executives as well as enterprise and business architects. Mr. McDavid's background brings along an underpinning in systems science and systems thinking, systems analysis, process modeling, data administration,… Read More
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