Exploring the Limitations of RPA

Posted May 1, 2019 | Technology |

Robotic process automation (RPA) has emerged as a popular technique to automate routine and repetitive human-system interactions across functional domains such as finance, marketing, human resources (HR), and other transaction-processing areas. Adopting such intelligent automation techniques allows businesses to enable efficiencies without major system transformations. Business leaders may find it compelling to invest in RPA tools and resources but should be aware of the foundational work required before rolling out the initial robots. This Advisor explores some of challenges facing organizations looking to adopt RPA.

About The Author
Mohan Babu K
Mohan Babu Krishnamoorthy is Director of Enterprise Architecture at Conduent Business Services, a Fortune 500 company. He has spent two decades in technology management and has gained a strong insight into the lifecycle of portfolio management and the global delivery model. Having lived and worked in a dozen countries on three continents, he has also gained an international perspective on business and society. His viewpoints and papers have been… Read More
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