Robotic process automation (RPA) is hyped as the new method that will improve performance in administrative areas by automating routine tasks quickly and cost effectively using software bots that mimic human actions. Many large companies are already augmenting their workforces with RPA “virtual workforces of bots” that relieve humans of tedious, repetitive activities.

In this webinar with Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Dr. Patrick Haibach, you’ll find out how RPA is augmenting the workforce in a variety of companies. You’ll learn the ways organizations are using the bot technology. And you’ll discover what the next era of automation will look like.

Dr. Haibach will answer four critical questions about RPA:

  1. How can RPA create value for your organization?
  2. What are the sweet spots of RPA and what is the potential?
  3. How will RPA change collaboration and leadership in your company?
  4. How can you extend the value through RPA with artificial intelligence (AI)?

Discover what you need to know about RPA to ramp up your virtual workforce.

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