The Fallacies of Modern Project Risk Management: A Process Worth Disengaging From?

Posted July 18, 2012 | Leadership |


Recent years have seen heightened concern about and focus on risk management, and it has become increasingly clear that a need exists for a robust framework to effectively identify, assess, and manage risk.

About The Author
Elmar Kutsch
Being uncomfortable is both a challenge and an opportunity for Elmar Kutsch. As a passionate skydiver, his interests, both privately and professionally, revolve around management of the unexpected. Dr. Kutsch's first real exposure to the rather paradoxical world of uncertainty began in 1998, when he held a variety of commercial and senior management positions within the IT industry. Working for one of the biggest IT service providers in Germany… Read More
John Ward
John Ward is Professor of Strategic Information Systems at Cranfield University, School of Management (UK). Cranfield is a postgraduate university with an international reputation in the fields of engineering, aerospace, and manufacturing technology. Its School of Management is one of Europe's leading business schools. Mr. Ward's main interests are the strategic uses of IS/IT, the integration of IS/IT strategies with business strategies, the… Read More
Lewis Ward
Tommy Ward
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