Flying Through the Fog: Aerial Drones in Supply Chain Delivery

Posted July 20, 2018 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify

The authors address the criteria for operating unmanned aerial vehicles, or “aerial drones,” in a fog architecture. The use of drones in supply chain delivery offers faster, more cost-effective delivery but also poses myriad concerns, ranging from collision to security risks, as well as regulatory concerns.

About The Author
Charles Byers
Charles C. Byers is a Senior Technical Lead and Platform Architect at Cisco Systems, where he works on the architecture and implementation of fog computing platforms, media processing systems, and the Internet of Everything (IoE). Prior to Cisco Systems, Mr. Byers was a Bell Labs Fellow at Alcatel-Lucent. During his 32 years in the telecom networking industry, he has made significant contributions in voice switching, broadband access, converged… Read More
Katalin Bartfai Walcott
Katalin K. Bartfai-Walcott leads the fog computing software architecture team at Intel’s Internet of Things (IoT) group. She focuses on integrating service delivery, management, and control between edge, fog, and cloud computing in support of sensor data analytics and insights as well as device health management and transaction-level orchestration. Ms. Bartfai-Walcott also serves as the Patent Advocate for Intel, focusing on IoT- and fog… Read More
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