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In this issue, we depart from our usual Executive Report format to bring you multiple viewpoints on a contentious topic: whether agile has transitioned from being an upstart methodology adopted in innovative organizations to being the methodology of choice for the “early majority” of Geoffrey Moore’s chasm. Have organizations indeed “crossed the chasm” in viewing agile as mainstream and in adopting it?

About The Author
Johanna Rothman
Johanna Rothman is known as the “Pragmatic Manager,” helps organizational leaders see problems in their product development by assisting them in recognizing potential risks, seizing opportunities, and removing impediments. She has been President of Rothman Consulting Group, Inc., since 1994. A frequent speaker and author on managing high-technology product development, Ms. Rothman is currently Technical Editor at AgileConnection.com; a columnist… Read More
Israel Gat
Dr. Israel Gat is an expert in Agile and Lean methods, devops, software governance, technical debt and technical due diligence. He served as Cutter Fellow and the Director of the Agile Product Management & Software Engineering Excellence practice from 2008 until 2015, and now splits his time between consulting and writing. Dr. Gat has received many accolades from clients, such as “His approach is the only one I’ve found that actually works… Read More
Esther Derby
Esther Derby is a Cutter Expert. She draws on four decades of experience leading, observing, and living organizational change. Ms. Derby works with a broad array of organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Based on experience and research, her approach blends attention to humans and deep knowledge of complex adaptive systems. Ms. Derby has been called one of the most influential voices within the Agile communities when it comes to… Read More
Brent Barton
Brent Barton is a founding partner at Sterling Barton, LLC, a software product and consulting services company. Brent has used Agile practices for a decade as a Chief Technology Officer, PMO manager, project manager, development manager, software developer, ScrumMaster, Product Owner, coach, consultant, and trainer. He applies agility, pragmatism, persistence, organizational constructs, and process disciplines to help organizations outperform… Read More
Hillel Glazer
Hillel Glazer is a Cutter Expert, a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network, and CEO of Entinex, Inc. He is a career-long pathfinder who has been reframing how organizations perform. Mr. Glazer counsels executives in the technical, organizational, and operational integrations necessary to bring about the capability to dynamically respond to shifting demands. Mr. Glazer is the consummate pragmatic systems thinker, combining his… Read More
Alexandre Rodrigues
Alexandre Rodrigues is a Cutter Expert and a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network. He is Executive Partner of PMO Projects Group, delivering advanced project management training and consulting services to clients worldwide. Dr. Rodrigues has more than 25 years’ experience in project management and has lead the implementation of earned value management (EVM) systems for multibillion-dollar projects and control programs,… Read More
Dave Rooney
Dave Rooney is a Cutter Expert. He is a veteran Agile Coach and software developer with more than 30 years’ experience. As a well-recognized member of the global Agile community since 2000, Mr. Rooney helps a wide variety of organizations — large and small, private and public sector, startups and Fortune 15 companies — improve their software delivery process. He has a deep interest in the human factors involved in the effective delivery of… Read More
John Heintz
John Heintz is a Cutter Expert and CEO of Aptage. He is an experienced Agile manager, particularly in Lean and Kanban. In 2008, Mr. Heintz founded Gist Labs to further focus on the essential criteria for innovative success. On a recent project, he coached a 100-person Agile/Lean game studio, helping the organization increase its throughput of game features per month while coordinating cross-team communication paths, resulting in a doubling of… Read More
Peter Kaminski
Peter Kaminski is a Cutter Expert and a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network. He has served as technical cofounder for five Internet startups, including Socialtext, a leading provider of enterprise social software, and Yipes Communications, a pioneering provider of Ethernet WAN services. As a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Mr. Kaminski provides intelligent and experienced insight into discussions of product and service… Read More
Patrick Debois
Patrick Debois is a Cutter Expert. He is an expert is bridging the gap between projects and operations by using Agile techniques in development, project management and system administration. Over the course of 15 years of consultancy, Patrick has assumed many different roles within large enterprises ranging from developer to network specialist, system administrator, tester, and project manager. This hands-on experience in each of these roles… Read More
Freddy Mallet
Freddy Mallet is cofounder and Product Director at SonarSource. He has 15 years' experience in software development and methodology as a team leader, manager, and CTO in banking and consulting at BNP Paribas, Hortis, and E*Trade. Mr. Mallet is passionate about Agile methodologies (Scrum and XP) and J2EE technologies and an expert in CMMI-based processes. He can be reached at freddy.mallet@sonarsource.com.
David Spann
David Spann specializes in helping leaders and organizations become more agile and adaptive through the creation of higher-performing teams, executive coaching, and strategic planning. His approach allows teams, executives, and organizations to focus on desired business results while simultaneously developing a capacity for new and innovative solutions. Mr. Spann helps project managers translate their commonsense approach to scheduling,… Read More
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