The Importance of Automation

Posted December 24, 2014 | Technology |

Many organizations lack automation in their deployment processes. When asked, developers and operations engineers often talk about their many deployment scripts, their pages of documentation, and their personal knowledge of their applications' deep internal settings and configurations. Yet this doesn't really give us a clear idea of how well automated the deployment process is. We must drill deeper to understand the current DevOps process by asking the following questions:

About The Author
Timothy Collinson
Timothy Collinson actively works with clients to transition their companies into appropriate Agile methodologies. Mr. Collinson has successfully taught and managed teams of developers in various Agile practices, including test-driven development, DevOps, continuous integration and monitoring, end-to-end design and architecture without big design up front (BDUF), and writing/managing user stories. His expertise spans development and testing, from… Read More
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