Leading in the Time of Data Breaches

Posted August 27, 2014 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies, Data Analytics & Digital Technologies

One day, not far into the future, we will regard this era as the time of data breaches. Data breaches will still occur occasionally, but they will be smaller and far less frequent, because those we entrust with data will have learned how to defend it from theft. In that future time, what will we be doing differently to protect our data? One thing we will be doing better is understanding how people think.

About The Author
Rick Brenner
Rick Brenner is Principal of Chaco Canyon Consulting. He works with people in dynamic problem-solving organizations who make complex products or deliver sophisticated services that need state-of-the-art teamwork and with organizations that achieve high performance by building stronger relationships among their people. Mr. Brenner focuses on improving personal and organizational effectiveness, especially in atypical situations, as in the case of… Read More
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