Leveraging (and Protecting) Diversity of the Crowd

Posted November 2, 2017 | Leadership |
Figure 1 — Emerging model of regulation and diversity in equity crowdfunding.

In this Advisor, we report on research carried out at the State Street/University College Cork Advanced Technology Centre in Cork, Ireland. The challenge we address in our work is how to leverage and nurture the diversity of the crowd while still ensuring the crowd behaves in a safe, responsible, and informed manner.

About The Author
Jack Smith
Jack Smith is a researcher with the University College Cork (UCC)/State Street Advanced Technology Centre. Mr. Smith holds a BSc in business information systems from Cork University Business School, UCC, and is currently pursuing an MSc through research in fintech. Mr. Smith’s research explores crowdfunding, its regulations, and how these regulations will impact the growth and value of this emerging market. He can be reached at jackdmsmith@gmail… Read More
Joseph Feller
Dr. Joseph Feller is Professor at the University College Cork (UCC), where he coordinates the PhD program in business information systems, supervises postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers, and conducts research. He previously served as Editor of Cutter Benchmark Review.  Prior to joining UCC, Dr. Feller taught at the Ringling College of Art and Design. His research focuses on collective intelligence action and resources phenomena, such as… Read More
Rob Gleasure
Rob Gleasure is a Lecturer at Cork University Business School and Co-Director of the MSc e-business program at University College Cork (UCC). His research interests include design science, NeuroIS, and online crowd behavior (particularly crowdfunding). Dr. Gleasure has been published in Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Sloan Management Review, Journal of Information Technology,… Read More
Philip O'Reilly
Philip O’Reilly is a Cutter Expert and Professor of Financial Technologies and Information Systems at Cork University Business School, University College Cork (UCC), Ireland. He is the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)–approved Principal Investigator of FINTECHNEXT, a multiyear, multimillion Euro research collaboration between UCC and Fexco. Dr. O'Reilly is also Senior Visiting Fellow at the University of New South Wales Business School, whose… Read More
Jerry Cristoforo
Jerry Cristoforo is an Adjunct Professor and Vice Director at the Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center, China, responsible for envisioning and developing research capabilities in the domain of blockchain. He is also Chief Scientist for Insigma Hengtian Software LTD, a joint venture between State Street and the Insigma Corporation that provides financial technology services to global and mainland China financial institutions. In this… Read More
Li Shanping
Shanping Li has been with Insigma Hengtian since 2004, where he serves as CIO. Dr. Li has been a professor of Zhejiang University since 1998. He works at the College of Computer Science and the College of Software Engineering. Dr. Li’s main research areas are software engineering, distributed computing, and the Linux kernel. He received his master’s degree in 1987 and his PhD in 1993, both in computer science, from Zhejiang University. He can be… Read More
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