Managing Remote Workers in the Time of Coronavirus

Posted April 23, 2020 | Leadership |
Remote work
“How can I tell that they’re working if I can’t see them?” It is a common complaint, based on a centuries-old style of working that we now need to move past. My rejoinder usually is, “When you CAN see them, how do you know they’re not shopping Amazon or playing solitaire?” But, in the days of unplanned, unusual work from home (WFH), this question deserves a closer look. In this Advisor, I’ll make use of decades of remote working, and managing remote workers, in the IT industry, but these same principles apply to many kinds of work.
About The Author
Tom Bragg
Tom Bragg has over 30 years of experience working with high technology and information systems for clients in industry and government. He has defined software development processes for organizations ranging from small development firms of less than a dozen engineers, to multi-modal development processes for a Fortune 50 corporation. He teaches advanced software topics at George Washington University, and has written for Federal Computer Week and… Read More
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