Executive Update

Market Entry and Growth Strategies for Disruptive Digital Payment Platforms

Posted November 3, 2015 | Industry | Leadership | Technology |

In this Executive Update, we investigate the dynamics of digital payment platforms in the Danish market. Although our focus is on Denmark, the strategies we discuss likely generalize to a large extent to the entry and expansion strategies of digital payment solutions in other markets.

About The Author
Jan Damsgaard
Jan Damsgaard is a Fellow with Cutter Consortium. Dr. Damsgaard is Head of the Digitization Department at Copenhagen Business School. In 2014, the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences appointed him to national Digital Advisor (Digital Vismand). Dr. Damsgaard’s primary research focuses on the digital transformation of business. Additional areas of expertise include the diffusion and adoption of networked IT, innovative business models and… Read More
Kalina Staykova
Kalina S. Staykova is an industrial PhD Fellow at Danske Bank and Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Her research interest focuses on investigating digital payments as multi-sided platforms. Ms. Staykova’s industrial PhD project focuses on designing and evaluating strategies for platform development, platform business models, and platform-based ecosystems. She holds a double elite master's degree in international law, economics, and management… Read More
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