Modernizing Our EA Tools

Posted March 2, 2016 | Technology |

To achieve pervasive, sophisticated, wide, deep, joined-up architecture descriptions, we need to develop a new generation of EA tools and techniques. The fact is that in an enterprise of any complexity, the architecture of roles, processes, applications, flow of work and data, data stores, and data sources quickly exceeds the ability of any of us to hold in our minds effectively. We need powerful ways to capture, map, navigate, and trace linkages, interfaces, and change initiatives.

About The Author
Doug McDavid
Doug McDavid is Cutter Expert. He is an experienced and innovative enterprise architect who provides consulting, mentoring, and coaching services for business owners and executives as well as enterprise and business architects. Mr. McDavid's background brings along an underpinning in systems science and systems thinking, systems analysis, process modeling, data administration, data modeling, and process modeling. He has experience in RDBMS,… Read More
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