Moving Beyond Check-the-Box Global Diversity Policies

Posted March 20, 2023 | Leadership | Amplify
Moving Beyond Check-the-Box Global Diversity Policies
David S. Lee “offers an on-the-ground perspective of how diversity policies encounter issues once they leave home shores.” He examines the construction of diversity policies along with relocation issues that come up and provides ways to enhance diversity policies in a more holistic way that considers cultural contexts.
About The Author
David Lee
David S. Lee is Associate Professor at Hong Kong University (HKU) Business School and an award-winning instructor, author, and corporate advisor in the areas of fintech, the intersection of geopolitics and business, technology risk, ethics, law, and corporate governance. Mr. Lee teaches in several programs for executive education, MBA, and other postgraduate degrees, including the IMBA with Fudan University, China, and the Executive MBA-Global… Read More
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