Moving Toward Company-Wide Agility

Posted June 5, 2019 in Cutter Business Technology Journal

Organizational agility is a lifelong commitment. It begins with shared understanding, flourishes with mutual accountability, and perseveres with continual reaffirmation. And there is no finish line. This need for con­stant renewal calls into question the very idea of “Agile transformation,” a term that suggests a one-time organiza­tional metamorphosis rather than a process of ongoing evaluation, assessment, and change. The idea of continuous improvement is indeed continuous — we can always be better.

About The Author
Taralee Brady
Taralee Brady empowers people to be extraordinary as they learn, grow, and do the best work of their career. She is formerly Director of Learning & Development at GoDaddy and Senior Director of Talent & Organizational Development at Scrum Alliance. Ms. Brady earned her master’s of science degree in leadership and organizational development from the University of Texas at Dallas, is a certified Senior Professional in HR, and an Associate… Read More
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