The Opportunities of Next-Generation Innovative Business Modeling

Posted February 2, 2021 | Technology |
The Opportunities of Next-Generation Innovative Business Modeling
The next generation of business and associated business models is being ushered in by blockchain’s versatility in creating and exchanging value. The opportunities are boundless, but first we must transition from our current infrastructure. Today, the data network proto­cols establish the rules of the Internet and facilitate its use. Most of the value these protocols create is absorbed by just a few companies — either by operating and distributing Internet access or governing the appli­cations that make it easier to use. Only recently has blockchain emerged to offer businesses the chance to capture the value that will come from next-generation Internet protocols.
About The Author
Zion Schum
Zion Schum has been an active evangelist and investor in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries for over three years having delivered multiple public talks. His investments have generated over 2,500% ROI. Mr. Schum is currently working at a startup aimed at helping college students eradicate their college debt by leveraging cryptocurrencies so they may live more fulfilling lives. He earned a bachelor of business administration degree from… Read More
Isaiah Morales
Isaiah Morales is currently pursuing a master of science degree in computer science and cybersecurity at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He is working with the Cyber Security Center for Business to write the US Department of Defense’s upcoming Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification training courses for small businesses. Mr. Morales has been a researcher, investor, and proponent of blockchain-enabled digital sovereignties since 2017,… Read More
Roger Yin
L. Roger Yin is Professor of Information Technology in the College of Business and Economics at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and Co-Director of the Cyber Security Center for Business. He serves as Co-PI of a US $2 million Department of Labor grant for establishing public-private collaboration on creating a cybersecurity apprenticeship program. Dr. Yin was awarded the Hermsen Teaching Award of 2015-16. He presently serves as Director of… Read More
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