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Organizational Agility: Implementing Collective Creativity, Learning, and Knowledge

Posted November 4, 2015 | Leadership |

As we explore in this Executive Report, Organizational Agility™ is the capability of an enterprise or partnering enterprises to rapidly adapt to internal or external needs through collective creativity, learning, and knowledge. Groups can learn to recognize these collective characteristics using the models of vision, Group Coherence, and process ambidexterity. The targeted practice of Cooperative Inquiry, Group Coherence Ingredients, operating rhythm techniques, and Lean Six Sigma methodology develops Organizational Agility maturity. The Organizational Agility Maturity Rubric™ can be used to assess the maturity of Organizational Agility characteristics and target agility improvements.

About The Author
Joanna Zweig
Joanna Zweig was an independent consultant and CEO of Integral Systems Response, Inc. Her research on Group Coherence revealed a way to learn about the capabilities of collective consciousness that guides successful collaboration beyond a group's initial expectations; her work covered the many of the things classical software models don’t explain. Dr. Zweig worked as a project manager in IT on enterprise initiatives in large businesses. She also… Read More
Priya Marsonia
Priya Marsonia is VP of Delivery at the Advanced Technology Group (ATG). She brings over a decade of leadership experience in the management of significant software and IT back-office integration programs, telecommunications deployments, and process development. Ms. Marsonia's significant applied expertise includes delivering successful solutions spanning 25 companies of various sizes in multiple domains. Prior to joining ATG, she has held… Read More
Sonia Bot
Sonia Bot is an accomplished operational executive with experience in a wide range of business climates. She is an entrepreneurial-minded leader and strategic thinker with extensive experience in technology innovation and global business management, ranging from global firms to startup ecosystems. Ms. Bot is the Chief Executive of The BOT Consulting Group Inc., where she partners with C-levels and executives of technology and innovation-based… Read More
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