Proactive Testing Moves Proactive Risk Analysis to Action

Posted August 26, 2020 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence, Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies Cutter Business Technology Journal
Robin F. Goldsmith discusses the application of proactive risk management techniques in software testing and development. He observes that many of the risks encountered in software are largely predictable and explores why busi­nesses still manage to fall foul of them and how the real processes employed in our organizations can differ starkly from how we presume them to be. Goldsmith goes on to discuss how a more proactive approach to risk identification at the early stages of a project often saves time and money later.
About The Author
Robin Goldsmith
Robin F. Goldsmith works with, trains, and coaches business and project professionals to get the right results right through business analysis/requirements, Proactive Software Quality Assurance (SQA)™, Proactive Testing™, Beyond the Textbook™ software acquisition, project management, process improvement, metrics, and REAL ROI™. Previously, he was a developer, systems programmer/database administrator/QA analyst, and project leader with the US… Read More
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