From Resource Efficiency to Flow Efficiency

Posted July 25, 2019 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence
Resource Efficiency to Flow Efficiency

Our company’s Agile journey across a 2,000+-person product development unit in 10 locations in Sweden, Poland, and China, resulted in a quadrupling of value throughput; a doubling of speed; a tenfold increase in quality; and happier, more engaged people who are, ultimately, more innovative. The company made major shifts in a few areas. In this Advisor, we explore its shift from resource efficiency to flow efficiency.

About The Author
Erik Schon
Hacker turned software researcher turned system engineer; manager turned leader turned navigator, Erik Schön has developed people, products, and, organizations for 20+ years in complex, global R&D environments. Recently, as one of the navigators of a large-scale Agile/Lean journey, he helped 40+ development teams become more, faster, better, and happier in a 2,000+-person product development unit in 10 locations. Currently, he heads Erlang… Read More
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