We're all familiar with the analogy of peeling an onion to find out what's going on in the center. If what we want to create and sustain is a high-performance operation, then we already know what's at the center. Now we just have to figure out what's required to get there.

Once we answer the question, "How do we know we're performing well?" we can work backwards — unpeeling the onion — to add the most visible and readily accessible attributes that would lead us from the center back to the external world.

In this on-demand webinar with Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Hillel Glazer, you’ll discover what needs to be “in your center” to ensure your organization is a high-performance operation. You’ll learn why:

  • High performance requires pushing beyond the status quo.
  • Predictability is an attribute of high performance that goes beyond a good present-state cash flow.
  • The central gears in the machinery of high-performance operations are baseline performance data and performance prediction models.

In addition, Hillel Glazer reviews how Kanban, a tool based on the principles of flow, can give you everything you need to back out of the onion and become a high-performance operation.

Guests: Register for this on-demand webinar to learn how your natural, everyday, ordinary work can help you obtain baseline performance data and craft performance prediction models.