Seeking the Right Skills for Industry 4.0

Posted February 20, 2020 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies
Seeking the Right Skills for Industry 4.0

In the webinar, “Overcoming the Industry 4.0 Skills Shortage,” Barry M. O'Reilly discussed the skills shortage that is both inevitable and predictable when businesses try to solve problems with Industry 4.0, which is less about automating old processes and more about inventing a new world in which computing drives business rather than mirrors it. It is apparent that we cannot simply continue as we have in the past. Educating engineers faster, matching them to jobs more easily, and simply doing “the same old thing” has not solved the earlier skills crises — and Industry 4.0 presents even tougher challenges than what we have experienced thus far. In this Advisor, Barry shares some responses to questions following the webinar.

About The Author
Barry M. O'Reilly
Barry M. O’Reilly is the founder of Black Tulip Technology and creator of Antifragile System Design. Previously, he held positions as Chief Architect for Microsoft's Western Europe practice and IDesign, IOT TAP Lead for Microsoft’s Western Europe practice, Worldwide Lead for Microsoft’s Solution Architecture Community, and startup CTO. He can be reached at
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