Servicing Technical Debt

Posted June 22, 2011 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence

Just as giving a teenager a credit card without a limit is a guaranteed disaster, letting an organization rack up technical debt without restriction will inevitably lead to an unmaintainable state. The simple reason for this is that without clear cost tradeoffs, the business cannot make the hard decision to give up value today for increased agility tomorrow.

About The Author
Stephen Chin
Stephen Chin is the Lean/Agile Process Transformation Expert for GXS, where he is leading a large-scale agile rollout with hundreds of developers spread out across the globe. He also authored the leading reference on the JavaFX platform and is an internationally recognized speaker on rich client technologies and agile portfolio planning. Most recently, Mr. Chin developed an innovative, open source product portfolio Kanban tool that has become… Read More
Erik Huddleston
Erik Huddleston is CTO at Dachis Group, where he leads technology strategy and development. Prior to joining Dachis Group, Mr. Huddleston was CTO of Inovis, a SaaS integration company, where he ran product management and development and helped lead a large-scale agile rollout. He has been a practitioner of agile and lean techniques since 1998. Mr. Huddleston can be reached at erik at
Walter Bodwell
Walter Bodwell is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence practice and a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network. He has deep experience in Agile management, including rolling agility out in both small and large organizations. In 2008, Mr. Bodwell founded Planigle to help organizations in their quest for agility. Recently, he has been assisting a startup in getting it… Read More
Israel Gat
Dr. Israel Gat is an expert in Agile and Lean methods, devops, software governance, technical debt and technical due diligence. He served as Cutter Fellow and the Director of the Agile Product Management & Software Engineering Excellence practice from 2008 until 2015, and now splits his time between consulting and writing. Dr. Gat has received many accolades from clients, such as “His approach is the only one I’ve found that actually works… Read More
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