Listen Up: The “Soft” Side of Remote Work Can Work

Posted April 2, 2020 | Leadership |
Listen Up

Although the technology for remote working (collaborative) has been around for 30 years, the adoption rate has been slow but steady. Now, all of a sudden, the adoption rate has shot up to almost 100%, as just about all nonessential industries are working remotely to help flatten the COVID-19 infection curve. This rapid adoption of remote working technologies has had a number of challenges.

About The Author
David Coleman
David Coleman is the founder and Managing Director of Collaborative Strategies, Inc., and has been an industry analyst on collaboration for the last 25 years. His current focus is on the critical role of collaboration in digital transformation. Mr. Coleman has worked with companies in many different vertical markets where he has led organizations through the process of determining their readiness for collaboration, social networks, and online… Read More
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