Tackling the AI Investment Logjam

Posted May 21, 2020 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies
Tackling the AI Investment Logjam
The time-honored approach to quantifying markets is to work outward from a specific technology or tool to a targeted customer who will potentially use the technology in myriad ways. These potential markets with applicable benefit from the technology are then tabulated into initial total addressable markets (TAMs). In turn, the TAMs help justify strategic investment in an organization or the investment round in a startup.
About The Author
William Jolitz
William Jolitz is founder of Valux and leads fundraising and portfolio management. As an investor, entrepreneur, and inventor of today’s technologies, he has handled M&A for companies like Tandem Computers and due diligence for venture capital firms. Mr. Jolitz has founded, grown, and exited several Silicon Valley–based technology companies in systems, enterprise, and Internet. He is the inventor of OpenBSD (open source Berkeley Software… Read More
Lynne Greer Jolitz
Lynne Greer Jolitz is founder of TeleMuse Partners. A lifelong entrepreneur, she enjoys uniting the viewpoints of competing stakeholders and providing guidance, action, and vision to achieve effective solutions. Ms. Jolitz applies tactical leadership in operations and engineering in her current consulting engagements. Previously, she worked at InterProphet Corp., a provider of wire-speed TCP/IP stack with data flow; IGN (formerly Imagine Games… Read More
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