Temporal Stakeholder Analysis of Future Technologies: Exploring the Impact of the IoV

Posted July 1, 2015 | Leadership | Amplify

There are many tools and techniques for exploring and investigating the impact of technology, and evaluations are often performed as part of the risk assessment process, such as those recommended by the standards bodies. Here we outline some of the technology assessment methods currently in use.

About The Author
Carl Adams
Carl Adams is a Principal Lecturer and Researcher in the School of Computing at the University of Portsmouth. His professional experience spans 12 years of working in the computer industry as a software engineer, system analyst, and consultant before going into academia. Dr. Adams’s research explores the impact of changing technology and wider risks and uncertainty, including ICT4D activity, supporting displaced people with mobile technology and… Read More
Amanda Peart
Amanda Peart is a Senior Lecturer in computer science within the School of Computing, University of Portsmouth, where she predominantly researches and teaches in computer networks at all levels in the undergraduate program. Dr. Peart has held a variety of external examiner appointments for a number of universities. Her main area of research is the quality of service (QoS) in ad hoc wireless networks. Dr. Peart's research investigates techniques… Read More
Penny Ross
Penny Ross has been a Senior Lecturer in information systems at the School of Computing, University of Portsmouth, for seven years. Dr. Ross's teaching areas are information systems management and advanced database concepts (for final-year students), while her main focus is in applied uses of information and information systems. Her research topics have covered a broad range of environments, but the underlying core is analysis, understanding of… Read More
Benjamin Aziz
Benjamin Aziz is a Senior Lecturer in computer security at the School of Computing, University of Portsmouth. Dr. Aziz holds a PhD in formal verification of computer security from Dublin City University and has research experience in the field of computer and information security spanning 15 years. He has worked at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and Imperial College London and has published more than 80 articles and book chapters in areas… Read More
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