Executive Summary

Toward "Just Enough" Ontology Engineering

Posted February 28, 2009 in Data Analytics & Digital Technologies

The software engineering practice is merely half a century old, but a great deal of development has occurred in this relatively short time. It is interesting to notice that as systems have gradually become more complex, sophisticated, and larger, code has become more efficient (e.g., more functionality per line of code), and software development methodologies have tended to become leaner and more agile.

About The Author
Paola Di Maio
Paola Di Maio is a systems analyst and engineer who studied knowledge and expert systems design before focusing professionally on content and knowledge management tools and architectures. She is the founder and former Editor-in-Chief of content-wire.com, the first online journal devoted to content management technologies. Dr. Di Maio is the creator of the Joint Optimization Metamodel (JOM) and previously developed and implemented high-level… Read More
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