Executive Update

Transforming Clinical Trial Management with the COVID-19 Prediction Dashboard

Posted October 21, 2020 | Industry | Technology |
One of the many consequences of the COVID-19 crisis has been difficulty in continuing to enroll and run clinical trials, which typically involve large numbers of people interacting in multiple geographies. In this Executive Update, we highlight a new, risk-based predictive analytical approach, powered by machine learning.
About The Author
Ben van der Schaaf
Ben van der Schaaf is a Cutter Expert and a Partner at Arthur D. Little, based in New York City. He is an experienced management consultant and advisor to the pharmaceutical industry with an international background in finance and general management. Mr. van der Schaaf focuses on the life sciences and healthcare sector, specifically working in pharmaceutical R&D and commercial operations. His expertise includes post-merger integration,… Read More
Thomas Unger
Thomas Unger is a Cutter Expert and Associate Director of Arthur D. Little (ADL)'s US Healthcare & Life Sciences practice. Dr. Unger specializes in complex problem solving in the biopharmaceutical, medtech, and healthcare sectors. He has extensive experience leading programs and teams as they envision and successfully develop innovative digital- and technology-enabled solutions for strategic, operational, and transformational products and… Read More
Michael Eiden
Michael Eiden is a Cutter Expert. Dr. Eiden serves as Partner and Head of AI at Arthur D. Little and is an expert in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) with more than 15 years' experience across different industrial sectors. He has designed, implemented, and productionized ML/AI solutions for applications in medical diagnostics, pharma, biodefense, and consumer electronics. Dr. Eiden brings along deep expertise in applying… Read More
Ben Enejo
Ben Enejo is a Principal at Arthur D. Little (ADL), based in London, and a member of ADL’s global Healthcare & Life Sciences practice. Mr. Enejo is an experienced life science management consultant and has worked with various global pharmaceutical companies on business transformation initiatives. He has managed complex programs, including pharma development, new service introduction, quality and compliance process improvement, new product… Read More
Craig Wylie
Craig Wylie is a Cutter Expert; a Partner at Arthur D. Little (ADL), based in New York; and a member of ADL's global Healthcare & Life Sciences practice. His expertise is in the regulated functions of the life sciences industry, in particular, post-merger integration, R&D strategy and operations, inspection readiness, and findings remediation. Mr. Wylie's background is in R&D and quality operations, and he strongly believes that… Read More
Tom Teixeira
Tom Teixeira is a Cutter Expert and a Partner with Arthur D. Little (ADL), based in London. He has more than 20 years’ risk management experience, both in senior consulting and operational roles. Mr. Teixeira’s key areas of expertise include risk-based strategic planning and forecasting; risk analysis and quantification; total cost of risk reduction strategies, including insurance and captive management; and governance, risk, and compliance… Read More
Richard Eagar
Breakthrough innovation — creating new step-out businesses offering new products and services — is seen by many CEOs as a more attractive way to overcome the growth gap. Rick Eagar Cutter Expert Rick Eagar is a Cutter Expert and Global Leader in the Technology & Innovation Management practice of Arthur D. Little (ADL), responsible for functional expertise in innovation, R&D, and technology management. He has 30… Read More
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