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Why Workplace DEI Isn't Working; Driving Parallel Innovation with Quantum Computing, more!

Posted April 12, 2022 | |
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12 April 2022

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Workplace Equity & Inclusion: What We're Doing Isn't Working

Why are the achievements of DEI always somewhere in the future? Why are they always “bonuses” beyond profitability, sustain­ability, and meeting organizational goals? More!

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Driving Parallel Innovation with Quantum Computing

Discover how the power of quantum computing can enable parallel processing — accelerating the effectiveness of teams using data analytics to boost efficiency — and dramatically reducing the time needed to finish projects as a whole. More!


Diversity is a Sprint: Equity and Inclusion are Marathons

In his Summit 2022 keynote, Robert Scott discusses the qualities of an equitable and inclusive culture, and reveals strategies organizations can use to meet their DEI goals. Learn more!


Summit 2022: Future-Proof Your Organization!

Join us May 2-3 for an in-depth look at how your organization can succeed with the explosion of challenges that compete for attention, talent and resources. Reserve your seat now!


Webinar: Piloting Sustainability with Drones!

Join Helen Pukszta in this webinar on June 8 and discover how drone technology is being adapted and applied to contribute to the achievement of environmental sustainability goals, while also creating economic value. Register now!

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