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Piloting Sustainability with Drones

Piloting Sustainability with Drones

Drones are being used daily to help people and our planet. They are easily maneuvered, versatile, and accessible. There is no pilot to carry aboard, no cockpit, and not much need for special materials, instruments, or safety-critical systems normally required of crewed aircraft. For these reasons and more, drones make great tools in the drive for sustainability. What are some of the clever everyday examples? What are some of the challenges presented by drones?

In this on-demand webinar, Cutter Expert Helen Pukszta reveals how drone technology is being adapted and applied to contribute to the achievement of environmental sustainability goals, while also creating economic value. From the critical application of precision agriculture to whimsical light shows, you’ll learn how drones, also referred to as uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs), not only provide new functionality, they do so with a low carbon footprint. This webinar explores:

  • Lifecycle energy use of drones
  • Drone ROI
  • Drone applications in farming
  • Drones impact on medicine and healthcare
  • How drones can help address food shortage
  • Use cases for drones in conservation
  • Drones as measurement tools 
  • The potential benefits of drone hybrid design
  • Drone limitations 
  • The future positive impact of drones on the environment

Harness the versatility of drone technologies in creating new opportunities as well as new paths to sustainability.

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