Achieve the greatest return on your Agile practices investment.

Cutter Consortium's agile enablement engagement provides your organization with experienced, hands-on assistance to jump-start and guide your transition to agile methods. Cutter's team of experts helps you identify which agile practices -- such as iterative product development, test-first design, project chartering sessions, onsite customers, sustainable work schedules, and others -- will bring the greatest return on investment to your organization. Our goal: to enable you to implement agile methods quickly and effectively, shorten your product development schedule, and increase the quality of the resultant product.

A typical agile enablement engagement contains five steps:

  1. Education. We offer two distinct introductory sessions: one customized for senior executives and one for your implementation staff.

  2. Assessment. Prior to an onsite evaluation, we collect data from your staff to provide both you and Cutter's Senior Consultant with an initial comprehensive picture of your organization. This data guides the consultant in the onsite evaluation, analysis, and findings.

  3. Creating an agile vision. We'll help you identify and clarify an end-state vision of what your agile approach should look like, pinpointing your core values and relating them to the benefits that an agile approach brings. We'll also help you set the objectives for your agile initiative and determine a realistic time schedule for agile implementation. Then we'll help you sell this vision to both key decision makers and your technical staff.

  4. Determining specific solution components. We'll make methodology recommendations covering product development, project management, software development, and portfolio management. In addition, we deliver practice/skill recommendations in technical practices, project management practices, and collaboration practices.

  5. Action plan. Together we'll set an action plan that meets your agile initiative objectives.

About Cutter's Agile Team

Cutter’s experts in Agile, software and hardware engineering excellence, and product management are helping development teams in organizations worldwide realize improvements in all of these dimensions. From custom assessments and consulting to training and executive education, harness the expertise of Cutter’s thought leaders to boost your team’s performance.

What's Next?

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