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Applying Business Architecture for Improved CX

Create maximum customer value with BA and CX team collaboration.

Business architecture and customer experience (CX) design are two separate disciplines, each with different goals, focuses, artifacts, and team members. However, when they work in close collaboration with each other, they can greatly improve an organization’s ability to design and deliver a superior customer experience.

Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment

Steve Andriole
Assess Your Digital Transformation Opportunities | Plan Your Projects

Technical Due Diligence for Acquisitions

Cutter Consortium’s Technical Due Diligence for Acquisitions ensures an unbiased assessment of the software, software architecture, technology, security, and technology skills of your potential acquisition.

Enterprise Integration Architecture Assessment

Every enterprise needs to integrate information and services across organizations, partners and systems.

Innovation Mapping

Robert Austin
Identify and Close the Innovation Gaps Discover how to make innovation a core competency that leads to new markets, products, services, and strategies.

Reshape IT for Digital Transformation

Steve Andriole
Get the Help You Need to Reshape IT for Digital Success

Navigating Business Transformation Change

You must address the human side of digital transformation

Strategy Execution Lifecycle Assessment and Recommendations

Whynde Kuehn
Make your strategic vision a reality. 

IT Organizational Assessment: Restructuring for Digital

Restructure and Retool for Digital Success

Strategic Cloud Procurement Assessment

James Mitchell
Everyone Wants to Save Money on the Cloud.
But How Do You Actually Do It?