Architect your enterprise for the cloud and gain a new way to source IT without needing the IT department.

Claude Baudoin

There are many different perspectives about the cloud. First, there's the holy grail view: the cloud your virtualization solution; it's your scalable infrastructure, supporting IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS! At the same time, there are many issues relating to the cloud such as integration, security, integrity, reliability, accountability.

The business has an entirely different perspective: the cloud provides a new way to source IT without needing the IT department. The business does not think about the other issues.

Our team will help you determine:

  • What can be moved to the cloud
  • What should not be moved to the cloud
  • What IT should do proactively
  • What the business can do on their own, and
  • What the business needs to coordinate with IT

The cloud is here. Make sure your architecture defines how to use it to add value, not risk, to your enterprise.

Why Claude Baudoin?

Claude Baudoin is a proven leader and visionary in IT and knowledge management (KM) with extensive experience working in a global environment. Mr. Baudoin has 35 years' experience and is passionate about quality, knowledge sharing, and providing honest and complete advice.

What's Next?

For more details on how to bring Claude Baudoin's workshop to your organization to help you architect your enterprise for the cloud, contact your Cutter Account Executive.