Architecture Review and Action Plan

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Architecture Review and Action Plan

The Architecture Review and Action Plan provides an in-depth evaluation of your enterprise's architecture. It takes an architectural approach to addressing specific questions and concerns that you may have. It is intended to clarify business, application, and technology discussions and help your organization make specific technology decisions.

The approach analyzes the enterprise architecture and infrastructure that will be required to meet your objectives, whether they involve an EA, an organizational transition, or the implementation of a single application using architecture-focused development techniques. It articulates the business, technology, and development goals as well as the architectural requirements implied by these goals. And it highlights technical issues that might impede achievement of these requirements and goals.

An important deliverable is the initial design of a target architecture. This could be a high-level SOA, a draft business architecture, or an application or technology architecture. For example, a draft technical architecture might present the services, frameworks, and design patterns that constitute a true enterprise-scale architecture that is tailored to your enterprise's current situation and future goals.

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