Decrease waste by improving value and flow.

The reason for having a business is almost always centered around delivering a different type of value. Yet in the everyday hothouse-world of services and products, an improvement activity can become an end itself. The reason to improve -- delivering the valuable product/service -- falls out of sight... effectively forgotten.

It's easy for a Lean or Agile initiative to get disconnected from the reasons a business exists. James Sutton brings his big picture perspective and wide experience -- from leadership on small teams to billion-dollar programs -- to helping your organization (re)align to improve its business's bottom line. Using James' approach, your organization will decrease waste by improving value and flow.

History has shown that nobody can impose lasting change on an organization. But organic change can become permanent. Through training, advisement, and/or facilitation and coaching, James will lead your organization through an approach that incrementally weaves such change into your organization’s fabric, decreasing waste and increasing business performance.

Drawing up four major toolkits, Lean, Kanban, Complexity Management including Cynefin, and modern Systems Engineering, and the highly effective Lean Startup experimental approach to value determination, James will begin by helping you clarify what you already know you need to do, and setting a course by which your organization can gradually evolve to a more effective and long-lasting practice and culture. As the process evolves, James will also draw upon the tools of TRIZ, the General Theory of Innovation, and he’ll use various cognitive techniques, as well as the framework for building organizational trust developed by Steven Covey, to help make positive lasting change in your social culture.

You'll discover that the strategy James introduces is different than the "cut waste" strategy of many American Lean initiatives; this strategy reliably improves value, flow and business results.

What's Next?

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