In the middle of negotiating a contract? Not sure if the RFP you're about to put out really covers all your bases? Would an outside expert opinion on the SLAs you're about to agree on make you more comfortable?

A timely diagnostic from Dr. Sara Cullen will give you the peace of mind you need. You provide Dr. Cullen the document in question. Then, after a fact finding discussion by phone, Dr. Cullen reviews your draft and provides you with a short report identifying the adequate, the inadequate, and "missing" aspects of your agreement. You can then decide if you want to make the fixes yourself, or have Dr. Cullen improve the document for you.

There can be quite a lot on the line with complex contracts. Make sure you feel confident that your agreement is written in a way that helps you achieve your goals. Contact your Cutter Account Executive for a quote on this service today.

What's Next?

For more details on how to bring Sara Cullen to your organization for a contract review, contact your Cutter Account Executive.