Maximize the value your team's services contribute to enterprise success.

Effective IT leaders ensure that key business stakeholders take ownership for IT decision-making by actively engaging in IT Steering, i.e. Governance and Project Prioritization. Decisions regarding how much to spend, how to staff, how to allocate scarce funds, which investments to make, how much risk to tolerate, etc., can be a real struggle. CIOs that get this right are highly valued. Those who fail to master these critical processes often suffer limited tenures.

When developing a governance structure and associated processes, many factors need to be taken into consideration, including:

  • Industry sector
  • Public versus private
  • Organization size
  • Regulatory and compliance environment
  • Strategic maturity
  • Risk tolerance
  • Corporate culture
  • Management team member profiles and preferences

Cutter Senior Consultant Phil Wisoff, together with other members of the Cutter team, can assess and analyze your governance processes and craft solutions that are tailored to your organization's profile and nuances. Such solutions will enable you to maximize the value your IT team's services contribute to the success of the enterprise.

What's Next?

For more details on how to bring Cutter's experts to your organization to help you maximize the value your team's services contribute to enterprise success, contact your Cutter Account Executive.