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IT Strategic Planning Consulting

Establish Your Own Strategic Planning Team

Many companies, and the people that comprise them, are feeling extreme pressure to make the next quarter better than the last and to do more with less. In order to achieve this goal you need to do planning -- an important function that has been downsized by many companies. Planners of yesterday were charged with thinking about the future and exploring the opportunities and threats presented by future trends. Today, more than ever, IT management cannot afford to neglect this vital function.

Cutter Consortium will help you put a strategic planning process in place that will enable you to identify future trends that may impact your organization and more importantly, identify the implications of those trends and develop actionable scenarios. In addition, Cutter's experts can assist with creating your enterprise's IT strategic plan. The first step is often an assessment of business goals and the current level of business-IT alignment. Cutter can assist in establishing a joint business and IT management structure to govern planning, as well as provide guidance, mentoring, and mediation through the process.