Metrics Program Development

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Metrics Program Development Consulting

Take advantage of the opportunity to take a more thorough look at how efficient and productive your software development efforts are ... and can be. The most pragmatic approach to discovering opportunities for improvement is to conduct a benchmarking effort. A streamlined benchmarking program will enable you to determine which processes are working well and which are not. You can then use these benchmarks to establish an ongoing process improvement program.

Cutter Consortium's Senior Consultants can help you establish a metrics program for software development. We'll provide industry benchmark data and benchmark your organization to determine how it compares to similar organizations. Cutter is also available to evaluate your current software practices and compare these with a best practices model. And Cutter can pull on its Consortium of experts to provide guidance to help you achieve process improvements.

As a result of a Cutter Consortium benchmarking engagement, you'll know how your enterprise stacks up against industry norms and be able to chart progress from a process improvement standpoint. We'll get you started by providing you not only with a current benchmarks scorecard, but we'll also provide you with the tools and training to continue collecting metrics and operate an ongoing -- and successful -- internal benchmarking program.