Effective IT leadership creates the environment for productive team work, individual productivity and team alignment with organizational goals. The art of leadership is now enhanced with scientific insight from Neuroscience research about the brain and how people learn, create, solve problems and produce results.

The best play is work, the best work is play.

Lynne Ellyn


Applying the lessons from Neuroscience research can promote the conditions that lead to the "aha! moment" when deep insight occurs and a developer or team reaches the breakthrough that crushes the problem or the competition. The latest brain research has revealed the anatomy of the "aha!" moment. Cutter Fellow Lynne Ellyn's couples her deep experience as an IT executive in companies large and small - start-ups such as Netscape and 150 year old energy companies such as Detroit Edison and MichCon with the study of neuroscience to her leadership coaching.

During coaching sessions with Lynne Ellyn, you'll learn how the findings of neuroscience can help you improve team dynamics, foster bright, creative, stimulating environments that excel in innovation and productivity. She'll help you ensure that your strategies succeed by enhancing team social bonds and creating work environments that are fun, even playful. Discover how promoting good diet, exercise and recreation are good for the brain, resulting in a positive affect on team dynamics and results. She'll teach you to promote whole brain activity in your organization to maximize creativity. Coaching with Lynne Ellyn will enable you to build teams that maximize their performance and the joy inside and outside the work environment.

What's Next?

For more details on how to bring Lynne Ellyn to your organization to talk about the Neuroscience of Leadership, contact your Cutter Account Executive.