Radical Management applies Agile-like principles to the organizational level. The idea is not just theory: Hubert Smits has done it.

In this engagement, Smits will walk you through the case study of how CISCO's Voice Technology Group migrated to a set of Radical practices for product development on a large and complex scale. Then he'll teach your organization the lessons learned: the communication steps required of the executive team to set the scene and start the change process; how to address the complexities of portfolio and project management in a large-scale organization; determining what training will be necessary and choosing the right pilot projects; and more. You'll learn why Agile practices are more successful when they're implemented outside the product delivery domain (most notably in the product management and the production domain) as a set of "Radical Practices." And most importantly, you'll come to understand that the change itself needs process -- it doesn't just happen without care and attention.

For more details on how to bring Hubert Smits to your organization to talk about Radical Management, contact your Cutter Account Executive.