Get the Help You Need to Reshape IT for Digital Success

Steve Andriole IT can be a powerful force in helping organizations go digital. But many CIOs need to overhaul their own organizations first. This demands strong technology leadership, an objective analysis of the current state, and a roadmap for the reforms needed to support digital. With the data that emerges from 10-day assessment or your organization, Cutter Fellow Steve Andriole will help you articulate your future optimal organization, its structure, and the role of IT in your enterprise. 

Via a workforce analyis that juxtaposes your current and future technology missions with industry best practices and trends, and also with your organization's current skills and competencies, Steve Andriole will identify the gap and provide recommendations on how you can close those gaps. This short engagement prepares CIOs to define new roles and responsibilities to ensure they have the expertise and the streamlined, agile organizational structure that digital demands.

What's Next?

For more details on how an assessment to determine how best to reshape for digital, complete the form below, send an email to your Cutter Account Executive, or call +1 781 648 8700.