Risk Management Oversight

Cutter Fellow Tim Lister, known for his expertise in the areas of risk management and IT project critical success factors, such as teams, methods, human capital, complex organizational interfaces, interpersonal skills, and conflict resolution, can assist your enterprise with risk management oversight and guidance. He can provide ongoing support by conducting quarterly on-site meetings with a project team and staying in touch with team members by phone and email; preparing formal Status Summary Reports for the senior executive team; and making presentations to the company's Board of Directors.

The deliverables and benefits for this retainer relationship include:

  • Facilitated discussion to identify and mitigate project risks
  • Quarterly formal Summary Status Reports to keep all stakeholders informed and alert to any new developments
  • The objectivity an outsider brings, which has value both from a legal liability and a practical perspective. (It is difficult for an insider to remain insulated from political and other pressures and to provide the unbiased viewpoint that is so crucial to sound risk management.)
  • Wisdom and skill in facilitation, unparalleled experience providing such support to IT organizations worldwide, and extensive expertise in large-scale IT project risk management.