Value Project Portfolio Management

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Value Project Portfolio Management

Every IT project should deliver business value. The challenge is that traditional project management and PMOs focus on "on time" and "on budget," not achievement of business value. Cutter's Value Project Portfolio Management (Value-PPM) approach ensures organizations achieve all three goals.

Value-PPM is compatible with agile project management and development methodologies, while supporting a detailed PMO process. Value-PPM takes an investment perspective - justification, prioritization, and monitoring - to give visibility to projects as they are implemented, with respect to cost, schedule, and performance. It enables companies to answer key questions, such as, "Are all projects on track for achieving business value?" and "Which projects require management intervention?" Cutter Fellow Bob Benson can assist your organization in developing a Value-PPM approach, yielding:

  • Comprehensive project management reporting capability
  • Complete view of all projects throughout the lifecycle, tailored to both business and IT management
  • Rule-driven "dashboards"
  • Assessment of business impact and benefits
  • Detailed review and roll-up of status of each project by business unit and enterprise
  • Business-based prioritization and risk assessment.

This Value-PPM process will ensure that your IT investments are coordinated within the business unit and selected based on their merits in supporting business goals. It will ensure that IT investments conform to the appropriate standards (e.g., enterprise architecture and security). And it will ensure you maximize the value of the business units' total IT expenditures through a formal IT investment management process.