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10 Rewired Risk Rules for the Digital Era: A Conversation for Executives

High on executives’ agendas for 2023 is ensuring they can identify, assess, and manage digital-era risk. According to Prof. Noah Barsky, “Digital era opportunities and dangers challenge traditional approaches to risk management. For decades, organizations vested risk oversight in legal, compliance, and HR functions. Despite the fact that tech-driven business models demand far more dynamic and adaptive approaches, entrenched corporate behaviors, incentives, and bureaucracy often stall strategy and thwart innovation.” (See 10 Rewired Risk Rules for the Digital Era.)

Join Prof. Barsky and other top executives on January 26 at 12pm EST/6pm CET (see your local time) for a short virtual discussion on how you can rewire organizational thinking and mindsets to address your top risks. Hosted by Arthur D. Little's Tom Teixeira, 10 Rewired Risk Rules for the Digital Era: A Conversation for Executives topics include:

  • What happens if you don’t transform? What are the strategic consequences of inaction?
  • Why should management shift from a focus on what could go wrong to what must go right?
  • How do you drive value-capturing outcomes with metrics, not just measurable outputs?
  • How do you deliver operational excellence while accelerating digital strategy?
  • How do you ensure you don’t sacrifice customer trust for overestimated legal risk?

The rules of engagement

  • The discussion — a comfortable and candid conversation, not a presentation — will last approximately 45 minutes.
  • You are encouraged to spend 10 minutes reading 10 Rewired Risk Rules for the Digital Era, and think about which rule(s) struck a nerve? Which are you most eager to address? Do you disagree with any?
  • Plan to brainstorm and exchange ideas with other executives.
  • This conversation is limited to 20 top-level executives.

About Prof. Noah Barsky

Noah P. Barsky is Associate Professor at Villanova University School of Business in the executive and graduate business programs. Dr. Barsky develops and delivers executive education programs for various Fortune 100 companies. He has authored five books and published over 80 articles in various academic and professional journals, including Amplify. He writes a regular column in Forbes.

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Registration is closed.