If your “analog” company is struggling (like many are) to become digitally mature enough to compete with “digitally native” rivals, consider whether your company has been able to overcome these two issues: Can you meet the speed and scale of your new challengers? Do you have the capability to transform legacy business models and operations, digitizing their value chains as much as possible?

In this webinar, Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Johan Treutiger addresses the four key questions your organization should consider in order to overcome those two issues and successfully transform:

  1. How can you adapt your organizational structure to accelerate transformation and become more digitally mature?
  2. How can you ensure company-wide digital governance and investments?
  3. What skills, competencies, and roles are required for a digital business model?
  4. What cultural shift is required to build a fundamental competitive advantage over your digital competitors?

Discover the six areas of innovation that are found in successful digital operating models, and learn why it’s critical to adapt strategies, business models, organizational structures, and capabilities to remain competitive in the short term and also relevant in the long term. And discover why it’s vital to transform in a way that simultaneously preserves, enhances, and expands your core business.

Digitization of your value proposition goes far beyond selling products online — during this webinar you’ll learn how you can build the digital functionalities and ecosystems that are key to your organization’s digital transformation.

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