Agile Lineout — A Contextual Alternative to Scrum

Scrum — the most popular Agile framework — embodies agile ways of working and new organizational constructs. But does it consistently deliver the agile promise of improved performance?

Senior Consultant Jon Ward has been thinking deeply about this question, and believes another metaphor from rugby — Agile Lineout — better helps novice agile teams to get started, then rapidly improve. It is a contextual paradigm that helps teams create products quickly, in parallel with development and teamwork decisions.

Join Jon Ward for a webinar on May 19 at 12pm EDT (see your local time) and discover:

  • What’s different about the Agile Lineout framework
  • How Agile Lineout uses lean, systems thinking and team behavioral theory to improve each iteration’s performance
  • Why Agile Lineout is relevant and appropriate for both new and experienced IT and non-IT teams
  • Why Agile Lineout is especially beneficial for novice Agile teams, and more.

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