Cognitive Digital Transformation: The Next Wave

Paul HarmonEnvision how your organization might transform by taking advantage of AI and cognitive technologies.

Are you aware that Uber has just acquired an AI startup specializing in self-driving cars and gone on to establish its own AI Lab? Having already disrupted an industry by introducing a smartphone-based approach that connects taxicabs and customers in real-time, Uber is moving on to upset it again by offering self-driving taxis. Consider Uber a good example of smart companies that are going to extend their efforts at digital transformation right into the cognitive domain.

In this hour-long webinar, Cutter Senior Consultant Paul Harmon provides business people with a business process framework for selecting a problem set for applying AI. Paul explains why firms will need to learn how to “train” and evaluate the effectiveness of applications. He stresses that while you can start small and add AI incrementally, this will not yield a huge competitive advantage, and urges business executives to identify the areas that will give their customers new experiences and deliver enhanced value. He discussed the following steps:

  1. Develop process overview; develop use case
  2. Develop business case
  3. Develop cognitive journey map
  4. Build prototype (using one of the growing number of highly focused niche vendors entering the market)

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