Data Democratization: Why You Need It and How to Achieve It

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Cutter Members-only Peer-to-Peer

Data Democratization: Why You Need It and How to Achieve It

Vince KellenCutter Consortium Members: Discuss the why and how data democratization can enable your organization to perform better. 

The battle around who controls an organization’s data is an emotional one. After all, information is power. Data democratization — where no one individual or group has total control of the data, and everyone who needs it has access to it — makes it possible for anybody to use the data at any time to make decisions. With data democratization, power is not just in the information, but in the sharing of information.

There’s hardly an organization that wouldn’t aspire to data democratization, but getting there can be tricky. Is your organization ready? Join Cutter Consortium Fellow Vince Kellen for a Cutter Members’ peer-to-peer discussion about data democratization: how to prepare, what does the steady-state look like, and what’s next. Topics include:

  • Why data democratization principles and values must be supported and reinforced by the CEO
  • What are the cultural aspects of changing an analytics strategy?
  • Who are the data hoarders in your organization? Are they very high-level?
  • What are the technical preconditions to democratizing your data?
  • When data is made available to lots of people, will they be ready to accept and use it? Will they be able to use it to independently evaluate others’ analyses and data-based decisions?

The conversation between you and other Cutter members, moderated by Vince Kellen, will help you understand how the data democratization battle unfolds: who are the potential saboteurs and passive aggressors, and how to pave the way for data to become freely accessible throughout the organization — a first and necessary step to tackling AI and machine learning.

To help frame the conversation, you are welcome to submit questions/topics to talk about prior to the live discussion when you register. And of course, you can also ask them during the online event.

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*Note: Cutter Consortium Membership is required for this event. Registration confirmation will be sent upon approval.


Date: April 5, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Registration is closed.